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pipeline technology center brazil

CTDUT is a technology centre specialized in pipelines and terminals in a partnership with big companies of Oil and Gas in Brazil - like Petrobras and Transpetro - as a shared laboratory for the use of the pipeline community.

Re-branding - This was an autonomous job where the goal was to renewal the visual identity of CTDUT.


New Logo - The brand should transmit the idea of connectivity, technology and simplicity at the same time.


The new symbol represents the pipeline connection which leads to a centre (CTDUT). The spheres represent the link between the universities,  the oil and gas operators and the government. It also symbolizes interactivity, technology and natural resources

Brand Manual - Creating of a full manual for the correct use of the new brand.


StationaryNew visual identity applied to the stationary.

Social Media Banners - Application of the logo for Facebook and Youtube channel.

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